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Definitely Humanz is a collection of 420NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The Invasion Has Begun!

Other than being an amazing hand drawn PFP, each NFT serves as your access pass to members-only benefits in our Ecosystem.

Currently by owning 1 Definitely Humanz you get:

➡️  DHZ Points daily, from our Hold 2 Earn system.
➡️  Access to various competitive leaderboards on our games.
➡️  Access to the Play 2 Earn feature on all of our games.
➡️  Access to tons of cross-community games and events.

By owning multiple NFTs you unlock DHZ point multipliers, that increase your earning by engaging with mostly everything in our ecosystem.

What our long-term focus as a project is

➡️ Web3 Integrated Casual Game Development
➡️ Web3 Software Engineering & NFT Generation Services
➡️ Education (Web3 Focused)
➡️ Web3 Community Tool Development
➡️ Rewarded Gaming Experiences

Our Roadmap

The infiltration has only just begun...
Art - PFPs & 3D Models
Each Definitely Humanz NFT is unique and randomly generated from over 150 different traits, inspired from every day human life and party culture. The Art will come to life through our PFP collection. We'll also have various 3D Models built for the Games we develop and for the various Metaverses we will participate in.
Community + Metaverse Presense
We are building a tight-knit & value driven community of like-minded gamers, degens, builders & educators from web2 and web3. Strength in Unity! We stand by the idea of building for the community, within the community. We will of course have a presence in the Metaverse, but we won't be building our own.
Passive Staking & Point System
Our passive non-custodial staking system will be rewarding our holders with points daily, from day 1. The point system will be extended to the entire community through competitions, games, raffles, events and rewarded engagement. The points will be utilized for cosmetics in our games, elevated access to our products, in our points marketplace & in the rest of our ecosystem.
Compete 2 Earn Leaderboard System
With web3 enabled games like our infinite runner, 9-5 Dash, an infinite climber and so many more, you will always find a leaderboard competition going on, with juicy rewards for the winners. Who knows, you might find leaderboards only accessible to some of your other NFT projects on there sometime soon!
Points Marketplace
In the Marketplace you will be able to utilize your community points and turn them into fun and rewards. You will be able to exchange your points to buy a multitude of thing, such as access to Events, Raffle Tickets, Whitelist Spots and NFTs.
Software Engineering + Networking
One of our primary revenue sources that also doubles as true organic marketing, is that we are offering software engineering services to other projects and teams under the Definitely HumanZ banner. What does that do for the project? Well other than generating constant revenue that we get to circulate to our community, it also puts the brand name in front of thousands of individuals who are definitely into NFTs.
Pets Collection
Every Humanz needs a trusty companion. This will come further down the road once our Genesis collection and Brand have a proper foothold. The pets will open the door to further web3 focused gamification.
The Future
Define it, Shape it, Own it! As you have seen by now we do have our own vision board and oh boy it is a full one. With that said, we will always be open to community objectives and initiatives, and will dedicate time and resources in order to achieve exactly those!

Quick Questions

For any other questions and concerns please reach out to us in our official Discord server.

Definitely Humanz is a collection of 420 NFTs, inspired by daily life, group activities and the desire for music. Other than being amazing art, each NFT  serves as your access pass to members-only features, like our Passive Staking system, Play 2 Earn on our games and access to holders only Competitive Leaderboards. Of course that is just a small taste!

The best place to start would be joining our community Discord server. You will find more details about everything we have going on and you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers from the community and the team!

This is not a derivative of any other collection and all assets have been handcrafted from scratch by our artist.

If you are into NFTs, you know everything is based around art. If you like the art, community and team, then get in just for that. Not to mention, Definitely Humanz come with some sweet utility & member only benefits detailed in previous sections of this website. This collection should not be treated as a financial investment. 

meet our team

Our Core Team is based in Europe, but our extended team and network is most Definitely worldwide.
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External Advisor
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